Digital Business Cards


Design your own business card and request a copy

Rethink everything you know about Business Cards

Business cards stored in the Apple and Google Wallet

Completely paperless

Smartest way to network

Unlimited shares*

Exponential brand growth

Easily accessible by the power button*

Secure and Reliable 

Eco friendly

Stores 200% more information than regular cards

Secure and Found in your Wallet

A business card that lives in the Phone

Surprise your clients and recruiters 

Designed to make you unforgettable

A business card that cannot be lost

Tell the whole story

Ability to add all the information you want

From all the links you need

To memos and messages about your brand

With this card, space and storage limitation are no more 

The Next Generation of Business Cards

Instant Delivery

Digital Business Cards can also be shared with QR codes and delivered instantly to iPhones

We took sharing it one step further


Electronic Programmable Cards

With just a tap, you can share your business cards

Using Near-Field Communication, we programmed our cards to retrieve the digital business cards you make

Customizable with your Logo

The whole experience revolves around you and next-level networking

Scan and share with QR-Code

Can be shared by just scanning QR code

Feature available if bought with Electronic programmable cards

Works on iMessage.

Just Text it 

Can be shared and added with iMessage

No need to carry multiple physical copies

Share with AirDrop

Compatible with every iPhone

Compatible with Apple Watch

Once your Digital Business Card is saved on the iPhone, it is automatically transferred to its paired Apple Watch

No Additional Applications Needed 

The only application needed is Apple wallet which comes pre-installed on all iPhones

No additional downloads required

No Need for Paper Business Cards 

Let go of excess weight in your wallet

Digital Business Cards reduce the use of wasteful paper, saving trees and wallet space


Start using Digital Business Cards now

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