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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Business card 

  • Like a paper business card, Digital business cards are cards stored on the phone that contain information about a person or a business.  As technology increases and time goes we become more digital and Digital Business cards are a representation of this.  

What is the Apple Wallet

  • Apple Wallet is an in-built application on the iPhone that is used to store credit cards, boarding passes and passes. 

How long does the Digital Business Card Last

  • These cards are made to last forever

How many times can I share the card

  • You have Unlimited Shares, which is an enormous leap when compared to the paper business cards

Can I modify the card

  • Card modification is a feature that is coming soon! 

Do I have to download any additional apps

  • No need to download any more applications. Apple wallet is in-built in all Ipohones

Does it work on only iPhone

  • As of right now yes. We are working to bring it to Android


Can I have my Digital card on an iPhone 7 

  • Yes, Works on models as old as iPhone 5  

How do I add color to my Card 

  • By Clicking the button "Choose Color" and coping the color code corresponding  to the color you want into the input section for colors 

I mistakenly got two have two reference numbers is this a problem 

Do you give Refunds

  • Once an order is placed, there would be no refunds 

What can I link to QR Code on the business card to 

  • QR code can be linked to anything from your personal website to even the link to download the Digital Pass

How can I add a card to a Phone

  • By Clicking on the shared card and clicking "add" when the pop-up comes on.  

How do the Electric Programmable Cards work

  • The Electric Programmable card stores the link to download your business card. Newer iPhones have the capability to read the data programmed into the card so with just a tap on the iPhone. your card can be sent to the receiver's iPhone. 

Is Apple Wallet Secure

  • Yes! Very secure. Apple and very smart developers have worked on ensuring the security of the Apple wallet

Can I share the card to Andriod 

  • No, the feature is coming soon

Can I make more than one

  • Yes, you can. 

For more questions please email:

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