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2012 School Accomplishment 

Largest Board Game Ludo



Adesoye College, my High School, attempted to create the Largest Board Game in the world in 2012. At this time, I was in my 8th Grade. The Board was designed by other personals and in order for our school to get this title, we had to play a game on it, thereby proving and qualifying it as the largest board Game. I myself, as well as a few other classmates of mine, were chosen to be the ones that competed on this board which was going to be spectated in by officials from the Guinness world record. 

I signed a few forms and smiled at the camera as I competed in the Ludo board knowing I was being part of a world record. I was 11 years old. 

The Ludo board game measured 9.65 m (31 ft 7 in) long and 9.65 m (31 ft 7 in) wide. It was created by Adesoye College Offa (Nigeria) and was presented and measured in Offa, Nigeria, on 3 July 2012.

Apart from the scorching sun, it was honestly a wonderful experience as well as an inspiring one. It showed me anything was possible because I remember seeing when it was first being built. Seeing the result re-iterated my belief that the hardest part of succeding was dreaming about it. 

Here is a Link to the Offical Site of Record. 

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