Summer 2018 Personal Project

Aerial Supervision Drone


: Different Views and Assembly

Summary of how I

completed my Summer drone project

Here is the schematics and drawings I made or the drone. 


After my orders came, I starting soldering and constructing the drone according to the schematics above. Assembling and soldering all the parts did not take me a long time; most of the work came in when I had to start programming and calibrating the drone. I did weeks of research on how to program the MPU- 650 Gyroscope to the Arduino and accurately use the data to affect the speed of each motor.  I learned a lot of new things and got familiar with the registers and how to use interrupts.  I successfully finished according to my time map but I had to start testing the flight stability. 


I started taking the drone for test flights. It would take me weeks to calibrate things like the PID and how these affected the yaw, pitch, and row. I successfully calibrated the drone and take it for test runs. I intend to add more one more 2200mAh battery to double the flight time. I also hope to make it more resistant to factors like wind/turbulence. 





What are my future plans for this project? 

What I did is just the first part of this project. I intend on adding sonic detectors to help avoid obstacles when flying as well as a parachute. I also intend on including a camera and increase its opposition to strong wind tides. 


I also am looking for ways to make this drone and my knowledge available on how to make it to countries and communities that have problems with crime rates and poor transportation because this drone would be able to track criminals without the hindrance of traffic and geographical barriers.  


I am also in contact with the CEO of the summer to look for methods of integrating this to their summer school syllabus. Hopefully, those who learn about drone technology would be able to maintain the drones in their community as a means of livelihood.  




Things I wish I had done better? 


I wish I was able to get a very flexible workspace. I did mine at home. Although it was feasible, it would have been better if I could have found a personal and flexible workspace for testing and the hands-on experience. 


Do you advise this project for others? 


If you looking for something to that is fun and would force you to break out of your comfort zone then I would suggest this project. 




I have questions how do I contact you? 


My email is toennaw@gmial.com

Feel free to contact me anytime.